No logs. No traffic logs. No connection logs. No DNS logs.

We NEVER log your internet activity or your real IP address.

We DO keep your email address and payment history.

Please read our full announcement on our No Logs policy.


Do not spam.

Do not hack.

Do not harm others.

Do not do P2P on servers outside our Privacy locations.

Please read our full Terms of Service before joining blackVPN.


A VPN is a secure, encrypted, private communication tunnel between two or more devices across a public network (like the Internet).


blackVPN protects your privacy and prevents your ISP, government or employer from monitoring and controlling your online communications and browsing activity.

Use public Wifi and hotspots without worry.

Prevent websites from using your IP address to identify you or your location. With blackVPN, websites will only see that our servers are communicating with them.

Access GEO-IP blocked content.

Experience the internet without website blocks or censorship.

Use VOIP services that otherwise might be blocked.

Keep your location private and use your choice of multiple global VPN server locations. Stops online marketers, search engines and content providers from knowing where you are.



A VPN client (your computer,phone, or device )connects over Internet to a VPN server (blackVPN) and establishes an encrypted network. The client (you) can now access the Internet through the encrypted network with a new IP address. The location of the IP address you will get on the Internet depends on which server you connect to, so if you connect to the Netherlands (NL) server, you get a Netherlands IP and if you connect to the USA server you will get an American IP and so on.

Can you trust a VPN provider based in the USA?

We all know that the NSA has been busy installing backdoors wherever it can. Since the Lavabit shutdown we've learnt that FBI/NSA is putting gag orders on American companies (and their founders/employees) so that they cannot even talk publicly - or even privately to their lawyers - about the secret things the American government is forcing them to do. Ladar Levison preferred to instantly shutdown Lavabit rather than install backdoors for the Feds - and was even threatened with arrest for doing so. Will VPN providers do the same when the Feds come knocking on their door? We don't know for sure.

Why We Moved To Hong Kong

In 2012 we moved the company to Hong Kong to avoid secret court orders to install backdoors & monitoring. We found it interesting that Snowden chose to go public in Hong Kong… Snowden's reasons were "Hong Kong has a strong tradition of free speech. People think China, Great Firewall … but the people of Hong Kong have a long tradition of protesting on the streets, making their views known … and I believe the Hong Kong government is actually independent in relation to a lot of other leading Western governments." Even Julian Assange said "Our own political and legal analysis of Snowden's situation was that Hong Kong would play it by the book…" to keep "…its reputation as a country which has a strong rule of law when it is under a lot of scrutiny, a desire to not lose face from China and to not look like the US is pushing them around".


We are IT geeks who are passionate about Privacy and Digital Rights. Originally we were inspired by the Pirate Bay founders. Since then, more heroes have emerged like Ladar Levison (Lavabit) and Edward Snowden (NSA leaks). Still more will come forward to join the fight against governments and global corporations who take away our online freedom and digital rights. Enjoy our service, respect others and do not let them take away your (Internet) privacy. //blackVPN Team