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Example is done with Debian.

  1. First download this blackvpn.zip (md5) file.
  2. Install OpenVPN.
  3. Unzip the .zip file
  4. Copy the config file for the server location that you wish to use to /etc/openvpn
  5. Start OpenVPN with the init script and enter your username & password when prompted
  6. Done, you should now get connected in a few seconds. You can verify that you are connected by doing an ifconfig tun0, you should see an interface similar to this:


DNS push.

How to enable DNS push on Linux when

resolvconf package OR openresolv package is installed.

Warning: the specified “update-resolv-conf” script path refers to many Linux distributions and OpenVPN package installation, but NOT to all of them.

Please check the correct path of the mentioned file before proceeding (for example: it could be /usr/share/openvpn instead of /etc/openvpn).

If the script is not on your system, you’ll need to create it. See the typical script here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenVPN#DNS