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Example is done with Debian.

  1. First download this blackvpn_linux.zip (md5) file.
  2. Install OpenVPN.
  3. Unzip the .zip file
  4. Copy the config file for the server location that you wish to use to /etc/openvpn
  5. Start OpenVPN with the init script and enter your username & password when prompted
  6. Done, you should now get connected in a few seconds. You can verify that you are connected by doing an ifconfig tun0, you should see an interface similar to this:


DNS push.

How to enable DNS push on Linux when

resolvconf package OR openresolv package is installed.

Warning: the specified “update-resolv-conf” script path refers to many Linux distributions and OpenVPN package installation, but NOT to all of them.

Please check the correct path of the mentioned file before proceeding (for example: it could be /usr/share/openvpn instead of /etc/openvpn).

If the script is not on your system, you’ll need to create it. See the typical script here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenVPN#DNS