Supported platforms:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Windows 8 users must enable a Windows Feature for OpenVPN to work properly.


  1. Download blackVPN-OpenVPN-2.3.2.exe (md5)
  2. Run the downloaded file.
  3. Click on yes to allow the software to run:
  4. Click on I agree to accept the OpenVPN License:
  5. The installation will now start and install to the default folder.
  6. Accept the request to install the virtual network adapter:
  7. Click on Close when the installation is complete:

After successfull installation, you should be able to find blackVPN in your Start menu under Programs > OpenVPN, and an OpenVPN icon should be visible on your desktop.

Establishing a connection

Start OpenVPN either through the Start menu or by clicking on the desktop icon.

If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7/8 you will get asked to run the software as administrator. This is needed for OpenVPN to work properly so click on Yes.

Click on the little arrow icon next to the clock.

Then right click on OpenVPN icon.

Select the VPN that you want to connect to

After doing this, you are asked for your login information.

Both your account name and password are encrypted before being transmitted.

After authenticating, it will take a moment for the VPN connection to be established. In the Connection window you will see a log file scrolling by of all events pertinent to this.

Eventually the Connection window will disappear from sight, the OpenVPN icon in the taskbar will turn green, and a balloon will appear next to it, confirming that the connection is now active.

Inside the balloon you will also see the IP address assigned to your VPN gateway.


Your VPN connection is now ready to be used.

The log kept by OpenVPN can be examined by right-clicking the OpenVPN icon in the taskbar and selecting View log.

The log may seem rather cryptic, but in case of a problem it is an indispensable troubleshooting aid.


Storing the username/password:

Follow this how-to to save the username & password for OpenVPN.