NOTE: This guide is for customers & reviewers who already have a blackVPN TV Router and wish to install our new Control Panel.

  1. Connect to your blackVPN router via the WiFi or via an ethernet cable to ports 1 to 4.
  2. Browse to and enter your username & password for your DD-WRT Control Panel. Our defaults are blackvpn/blackvpn
  3. Click the Administration -> Commands tab to see your current VPN setup. Write down your blackVPN username & password as you will need to enter these details again later.
  4. Click the Administration -> Management tabs and under the section JFFS2 Support select JFFS2=Enable and Clean JFFS2=Enable. Scroll down the page and click “Apply Settings”
    Enable JFFS
  5. Wait a minute while your router reboots
  6. Open a command prompt or terminal window…
  7. Enter the following command and login with username root and the password blackvpn (or your DD-WRT password if you changed it)
    • telnet

      Telnet to

  8. Change the firewall settings by entering the command:
    • iptables -I INPUT -i tun0 -j ACCEPT
  9. Verify that your router can connect to the internet by entering the command:
    • ping -c 3
    • You should see the message “3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss”
      ping -c 3
  10. For Express Setup enter the following commands to set your private blackVPN details, replacing xxxxxxxxxx with the correct username, password & VPN location (eg for USA or for UK)
    • nvram set blackvpn_username=xxxxxxxxxx
      nvram set blackvpn_password=xxxxxxxxxx
      nvram set blackvpn_location=xxxxxxxxxx
      nvram commit
  11. Enter the following command to fetch and run the setup script
    • wget -O /tmp/ && chmod 700 /tmp/ && sh /tmp/
  12. Wait a few minutes while the install process completes. It should end with the message: Connection closed by foreign host.
    Setup complete
  13. You should now see the WiFi named blackvpn. Connect with password blackvpn
  14. Browse to to view your new blackVPN Control Panel
  15. Your browser will ask for login details. Login with username blackvpn and password blackvpn
    blackvpn / blackvpn 
  16. If you didn’t set your private blackVPN details during setup you can set them now…
    1. Click on the drop down box under “Change VPN Server” and select the server matching your account. Click Apply then click OK to confirm your changes.
      VPN Location
    2. Click “Change Username and Password” and set your blackVPN login details. Click Apply.
      Change Username and Password
    3. Wait a minute for your router to restart then browse to
      Wait for your router to restart 
  17. Your blackVPN Control Panel and VPN should be working and connected.
    Status OK